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Pocketful O'Nowt were formed in 2011 by Mike O'Brien (vocals) and the Bullyweee Man (guitars), both of whom had completely failed to make any headway in the music business despite repeated half arsed attempts.


After some initial success in the suburbs of Rotherham and Barnsley, they recruited two new members. Slasher Yeavey (The Hoyland Bassist) and Hugh Whitaker (The only person in the history of the band who has any sort of a pop pedrigree, having topped the charts as the drummer in the Housemartins before falling into disrepair).


Shortly after this Mike and The Bullywee Man had a massive Rock and Roll Argument which resulted in the guitarist leaving the band to pursue musical glory elsewhere. After negotiations with Brian May out of Queen broke down, Toni Lane out of Emerson, Lane and Palmer joined to bring a touch of classic rock to the pocketful sound.


Hugh was the next to quit the band, citing the paucity of opportunities it afforded him to get back on Top of The Pops as the main reason. Before leaving however, he helped to show his replacement, Simon Piper the ropes of being in one of the least successful pop groups to get fairly frequent concerts.


After realising that most pub landlords would prefer straight covers bands to original glam/punk pop delivered by a band with a lunatic on lead vocals, Pocketful O'Nowt have become very choosy about when and where they play these days. So if you get a chance to see them, you had better go for it. You will never forget an evening of Nowt.


Next, Slasher left the band by mutual exclusion, and as a result, teen genius Michael Milnthorpe joined the band bringing the average age of Pocketful O'Nowt down to about 46.

Unfortunately the boy genius was not long for this band, as the bright lights of London called him (obviously they've heard of us down there!), so with  chances of gigs more often than his birthday's and a possibility of actually getting paid...he was off!

The final chapter so far involves Mick (the beast of) Birkenshaw on bass. Rocketing the average back way over 60. He joined after being wrongly convinced that we were actually quite good!


Strange Days Indeed!


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